Northwest Log Scalers provides region-wide, full-service scaling and related reporting for the timber industry on the west coast of the US.

  • Scaling: Eastside, Westside, Cubic, Metric, JAS and GOST
  • Check Scaling
  • Certification
  • Special Reporting
  • Tag and Non-Tag Deck Reporting
  • Flexible Transmission Formats
  • Flexible Size Reporting
  • Quality Control
  • Weight Sample
  • Custom Reports
  • Forest Service
  • Government Reporting for:
    • Department of Natural Resources
    • Department of Revenue
    • Bureau of Indian Affairs
    • Oregon Department of Forestry
    • California Department of Forestry


At NW Log Scalers the timber industry meets technology and customers enjoy the piece of mind that comes with having options. NW Log Scalers technological process means log data can be imported from any source into a personal system for easy access.


  • Scaling - gather the log volume.
  • Data Processing - send the volume to a PC and calculate volume, sorts, diameters and sample expansion.
  • Reporting - present log volume data in clear, useful reports that are fully customizable.

Company Scalers

Customers have the option of using NW Log Scalers software imported to their systems, whether or not they own a scaler. For those who prefer not to import the software module, NW Log Scalers will download the customer's scaler into its system and produce the reports needed. Payments to loggers or landowners can then be generated using the payables portion of the module.

Quality Checks

NW Log Scalers offers check scales for company scalers to help monitor the quality of the scaler. The company can also provide programmed, hand-held scaling computers for use in customer-owned scalers.

In-House Reporting

Having NW Log Scalers complete customers' reporting could be useful in temporary, intermittent or low volume situations. It may also be useful for a customer that just doesn’t have the time or desire to do the processing, report printing and billing.

Customer Reporting

Customers who prefer to control their own data and generate reports internally can receive assistance from NW Log Scalers in translating scaler data from one or multiple sources into one simple format and transmitting it to customers' systems.